Congratulations! You’ve reached your weight loss goal. As you may know, many people struggle to keep their weight off, and we don’t want that to be you. It’s time to maintain your new weight, appearance, energy, feelings of well-being and overall health!

So, what’s next?

Your calories and meal suggestions were created for your weight loss goals, but now that you are maintaining, some foods and portion sizes can be adjusted for this new phase! Also, the transition from a weight loss phase to maintenance is very much about learning for yourself how to create healthy meals, portion sizes and habits!

How it works:

Once you reach your goal weight, you are ready for the Balanced phase. During this period, your Livea consultant will make adjustments to your plan, add in new foods and continue to meet with you to assess your progress. During this transition you will also establish an understanding of portion control and how to fuel your body without overeating and gaining back weight.

At Livea we pride ourselves on our maintenance program! We love watching our clients lose the weight, but more than that, we love giving them the skills to keep it off for life! We promote long-term sustainable weight management, something you won’t find with yo-yo diets!

If you think the Livea program might be right for you, schedule a FREE consultation by calling 1-855-GoLivea to connect to a center near you!