3 Way to Stay Active When It’s Cold Outside

Winter has arrived in the Midwest! As the days get shorter and the snow starts falling, it becomes much harder to stay active without paying for an expensive gym membership. Here at Livea, we know that activity and exercise are key parts of your weight loss journey, so we’ve gathered a few ways to stay active when the temperatures drop!

1. Mall Walking

Walking is a great way to get your heart rate up without over-exerting yourself. During the winter, consider taking a few laps around your favorite mall! Spend the day window shopping while improving your health. Fun fact: walking around just ONE level at Mall of America is 1.15 miles!

2. Body-Weight Exercises

Whether you’re watching television or listening to a podcast, simple bodyweight exercises are a great way to stay active while taking full advantage of your central heating system. From squats and lunges to burpees and jumping rope, bodyweight exercises are a wonderful way to stay active this winter- completely free!

3. Yoga

In the same vein as bodyweight exercises, yoga is a great tool to help you stay active this winter without paying for an expensive gym membership. There are tons of free video tutorials on YouTube for any level from beginner to pro, and you can find tips and guidance from the large community of yogis on the internet! All you need is a yoga mat and a phone/tablet/laptop and you’re ready to go!

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