Spring is officially here! As you begin your annual Spring Cleaning, here are some tips to refresh your personal goals for optimal success!

1. Recommit to drinking water

Water is essential for maintaining weight loss and proper body functions. Make drinking your recommended 64 ounces fun with a colorful water bottle!

2. Take a walk

As the temperatures continue to rise, take advantage of the fresh air by going on a walk around your neighborhood or your local lake! This will help jump start your metabolism and boost your mood!

3. Include fresh greens

Spring is the season of rebirth, and that means access to fresh vegetables! Head over to your local farmers market, or check out the fresh stock at the grocery store. Salads and recipes taste even better with fresh produce, so reset your diet to include this spring perk!

4. Clean out your pantry

During your Spring Cleaning, take time to clean out your pantry. Toss any sweets or off-plan foods and start the season off clean!

5. Reflect on your weight-loss goals

Take a moment to reflect on your weight-loss goals. Why did you start this process? Are you already seeing benefits? Recognize your long-term goals, such as improved health and wellness, and recommit to achieving them!

We hope these tips were helpful! Looking for extra support and guidance? Call Livea at 1-855-GoLivea or visit www.livea.com to set up your free consultation!