The decision to sign up for a gym membership (or not!) can be tough. One of the pros to getting a membership is that you have a place to go no matter the weather or, depending on the gym, the time of day. The variety of machines and classes at most gyms also allow you to regularly freshen up your workout routine to beat exercise boredom!

While there are many pros to getting a gym membership, one con is the monthly fee. It can get very expensive! If you pay for a membership and don’t make it to the gym regularly, you might feel like your money is going down the drain. We often think that if we don’t go to the gym, then we didn’t work out. FALSE! What if instead of going to the gym you parked in the back of the lot at the grocery store? What if every time a commercial comes on during your favorite TV show you did lunges around the room or sit ups until the show was back on? Does your house have stairs? Try walking up and down them multiple times to put things away instead of carrying everything in one trip! When the weather is nice, take a walk around the block or bring your dog to the park!

For those who want something a little more intense, try running the stairs of your local high school stadium. Once you’re done running, you can do some body weight exercises such as squats, push-ups, and sit-ups. This way you can enjoy the weather and get in a great workout.

Nice days are also great for nature walks! There are several great trails throughout Minnesota that are perfect for an afternoon walk or hike. This is also a great opportunity to stay active with your whole family, including dogs!

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When the weather isn’t ideal for an outdoor workout, get your steps in by walking around each floor at Mall of America. Time your laps and try to beat your personal record! If you are at home, grab a laundry basket, fill it up, and do some squats with it or lift it from the floor above your head and then put it back down. If you’re watching your favorite show on a rainy day, come up with an exercise game! For example, if you’re watching Friends, do 10 push-ups each time Chandler makes a joke, and 15 squats when Monica is cleaning!

Exercise doesn’t have to be an hour-long intense sweat session- it can be anything enjoyable that just gets you moving more. Make it fun! The more fun you have with the activity the more likely you are to want to continue doing it!

“Even though you’re growing up, you should never stop having fun.”-Nina Dobrev

By Tabetha Temperley, Livea Nutritionist