The days are lengthening, the temperatures are warming, and the ice is melting. Winter layers are being pushed to the back of the closet and people are slowly emerging from their winter hibernation. More fresh vegetables like asparagus and various greens are in season and have better flavor and lower cost. Spring is the best time to recommit to your health and wellness goals!

Did you make a new year’s resolution and find you didn’t keep it? That doesn’t mean you’ve failed! A lapse in your healthy habits is a great opportunity to learn about yourself, what strategies really worked for you, and which ones need to be adjusted. No one sticks to all of their plans all of the time. The key is to pay attention to lapses, or brief slip-ups, and change them before they turn into relapses.

Revisit Your Goals:   

Take a minute to reflect on the vision you saw in January. Was it realistic? Maybe you said you would eat perfectly proportioned Lean and Green Meals every single day of the year, only to find that after a hard day at work, with the kids waving their homework at you, it was too big of a leap to go from frozen lasagna to a perfect spaghetti squash lasagna. What would be more realistic? Perhaps a simpler lean and green that has fewer steps to prepare on a weeknight.

Don’t Go It Alone:

It’s much easier to accomplish a goal with someone on your side. Your Livea Team is here to support, encourage, and inform you. Clients call us from the grocery store and we are happy to hear from them! Who else can you recruit to be on your team? Reconnect with your old workout buddy, or offer to help your neighbor with their house or yard. Talk with your Ladies Luncheon group and see what types of healthier food options might interest your friends. Chances are, someone else in your social circle has been meaning to make some healthy changes too!

Spring can bring a lot of healthy changes. There are more opportunities to get outside and be active, and more daylight to chase away the winter blues. Take advantage of the tools you have and start again on your resolutions with the fresh energy that spring offers! Call 1-855-GoLivea or visit today to set up your free consultation!