Why did you pursue a career in the weight loss and wellness industry?

Wow…this question has truly caused me to reflect. The reason I have pursued a career in the weight loss and wellness industry is wholeheartedly due to my personal journey with weight loss. I felt a strong pull to be a part of this organization that literally changed the trajectory of my life.

My background is teaching and coaching. In my past career, I was an elementary school teacher and I have also spent many years coaching gymnastics and am currently a nationally rated judge & educator with USA Gymnastics. Teaching, mentoring, & developing have always been my passion and now I am able to focus on what truly makes me “kick off the sheets” each morning and dig in – however, now I am in the classroom called “life!”

I came into the Weight Loss and Wellness Industry after losing the weight I put on after the birth of my 2 children that had been sticking around for what seemed like an eternity. After truly accepting that I still hadn’t lost the “baby weight” when my son was 9, I decided I needed to do something and get my life back. So, I embarked on my weight loss journey with Medifast (now Livea). I truly was skeptical as I had tried so many other methods in the past that ultimately didn’t work for me and then didn’t provide the support of keeping it off and making it a lifestyle change.

My personal weight loss journey gave me an insight, compassion and passion for wanting to help others on the path of weight loss, health & wellness – an experience that can be daunting.  With my desire to teach, coach & mentor…the weight loss industry was the perfect fit and what was even more fitting was it was with Minnesota Weight Control – the organization that ultimately helped me personally get there!

What is your favorite part about working for Livea?

My favorite part of working with Livea is our team approach to encouraging and supporting our clients! There is no better feeling than knowing I am an integral part of helping a client reach their personal health goals. Being with a client every step of the way and having the blessing to witness a client develop an awareness of their relationship with food and observing the behavioral barriers/habits that shift into positive solutions is amazing! Being a “Belief” warrior for each client and being with them through the hard and exhilarating times is what it is all about. Witnessing a client say goodbye to medication, have decreased pressure on the joints, increased energy and vitality and ultimately witnessing a client’s “real and confident” self emerge is a feeling that is hard to put into words!

What is the best advice that you’ve been given in your career?

1. Be very careful how you spend the first and last two hours of each day.

2. Remember the human touch…I was always told that it doesn’t matter who is doing the selling or who is doing the buying; it’s the human connection that counts!

3. Invest in authentic relationships. Integrity and character will always matter if your goal is to build real and trusting relationships. Be the type of person you would want to do business with.

4. Don’t get in your own way. The advice I have carried throughout my career is ,“Three things bring great people down: Fear, greed, and ego. This advice has guided me to focus my efforts on people who are level-headed, generous and humble.

Do you have any hobbies outside of work?

I enjoy gardening, gymnastics mentoring and judging, and exercising.

Are there any other fun facts you’d like us to know?

I have two goldendoodles named Maizy and Rosie. I love everything banana-flavored, and the smell of rain, the ocean, and fresh-cut grass. I also enjoy playing Buck Hunter!

You can meet Connie at the Edina Livea location!