By Cathryn Finn, RD, LD

Holiday season is officially here! For some, the holidays can be spent around the house while for others it can mean a long road trip to the grandparents’ or other relatives’ homes. When we think of road trips and food together, we usually think quick and convenient meals. Maybe stopping at a gas station or a fast food restaurant along the way. The good news is that road trips do not always have to look like this. Being prepared and knowing what you’re going to eat when you are on the road is a great way to stick to your weight loss plan over the holidays. Here are some tips for making your holiday road trip go smoothly so you can stay on track to success.


  • Make sure to have plenty of water with you so you can stay hydrated! Remember, Livea recommends 64 oz of water each day. Just be prepared to take some bathroom breaks!
  • Plan your snacks and meals or where you are going to stop for food in advance. If possible, look over the menu before you get to the restaurant.
  • Bring your greens along. Make sure to pack some vegetables so you make sure to get every serving in for the day. They make a great snack!
  • Bring a cooler to store snacks such as cheese, fruit and vegetables.
  • Eat a hearty breakfast with a good source of protein to provide you with enough energy so you are not tempted to snack along the way.
  • For longer trips when snacks are needed, pre-portion them into snack bags beforehand so the portions sizes are in check and you are not tempted to go overboard.
  • Try packing beef jerky, hard boiled eggs, string cheese, and tuna packets for quick and easy protein options.
  • Take breaks at a park or a walking path to get in some extra steps and stretch out your legs.


Holiday season can be a challenging time, but being prepared and having a game plan can help make this time of year go seamlessly. Do not let one road trip keep you from achieving your weight loss goals! Hopefully some of these tips will help you stay on track when you are on the road. For more expert tips, visit!