How Livea is Keeping You Safe

We’re Here For You!

Hello Livea Family,

On March 18th, we are made changes to the manner in which we extend support to our new and current members. Our number one priority is the safety of all of you and our employees. At Livea we are committed to continuing to deliver premier service, just as we have in the Minnesota and Wisconsin communities for over 10 years. 

Keeping You Safe and Healthy

Livea is not just weight loss—it is about overall wellness and keeping the community healthy. Part of that responsibility includes continuing our services to promote better living at home while we practice social distancing and improve our well-being from stress and anxiety that can cause emotional eating. 

This includes:

  • Supplementing your daily meal plan with nutritious foods vs. unplanned stressful eating 
  • Promoting mindful eating (i.e. planning meals with recipes from Livea) vs. mindless eating
  • Helping you stay active at home

During this unprecedented time, we have come together as a community recognizing that we are all in this together. At Livea, our responsibility and commitment to you remains unchanged, and we will continue to provide the same services we always have; however, they will be provided over the phone, through virtual services or with limited in-person visits with certain measures in place.

What Our Current Members Can Expect

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic evolved over the past months, we understood that it is our responsibility to limit the spread of this disease. Therefore, we transformed our services to ensure your safety and continued access to your individual wellness plan:

  • Curbside Pickup or Mail Delivery: We are now offering members the choice of either curbside product pickup or home delivery, if needed. Our goal is to ensure seamless support during this time.
  • Video Consultations: As our mission is to provide private one-on-one support, customized coaching, and continued education, all members will continue to receive help and guidance over the phone or through our virtual services. 
  • Ongoing Team Assistance: No matter where you are in your health and wellness journey, you can always reach out to our dedicated team of fitness experts, nutritionists, customer service staff, etc.) through phone or virtual support.

Our center hours remain unchanged. To our Livea members who have scheduled visits, please continue to keep your regularly scheduled visit via phone or virtual support.

What New Members Can Expect

Looking for a physician-recommended weight loss plan you can customize to fit your lifestyle? Our team is prepared to take your call, deliver premier support, and prepare your product order and deliver safely via curbside or mail carrier.

  • Easy Sign Up: Sign up for a virtual consultation with our team of experts to help you discuss your goals and wellness needs, so we can design a meal plan that’s best for you.
  • App Support: Download our app on the App Store for iPhones or Google Play for Androids. Enjoy tracking your individual progress, calorie consumption, fitness activities, and more—right from your smart device. 
  • Curbside Pickup or Mail Delivery: As with our current members, you have the option of curbside pickup or mail delivery to receive your deliciously prepared nutritious meals, snacks, and beverages available through your wellness plan. We also offer financing options. Learn more!

We Remain In This Together

I can say with confidence that our team is the most premier and passionate group. They are highly educated and prepared to deliver you the services you need. We know that staying healthy, both mentally and physically, is essential during this time.

We will continue to monitor this situation closely and take guidance from our local and national agencies. All decisions will be made based on keeping your safety and our team’s safety front of mind.

I sincerely thank you for your business. Please stay safe and healthy.


Heather Holmberg
CEO, Livea Weight Control Centers

At Livea, we believe in empowering change through education, accountability and endless support. Our program works. Because we do weight loss differently!

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at or 1-855-465-4832.