By Darla, Lifestyle Consultant at the Mankato Livea Center

As you navigate this new normal you may find yourself having lots of feelings that you are not used to. You may also find yourself reaching for those less than nourishing foods simply out of boredom or stress or feelings of uncertainty.

First of all, know that you are not alone.  We at Livea are here to support you in your journey and we know that this is a daily, and sometimes hourly, commitment that you are making to live your healthiest life possible. As I support my clients this week I am encouraging them to begin having a very simple dialogue with themselves as they go about their day.

“What does that mean?” you might be asking with your eyebrows raised.

I would love to share with you! The first step is to identify what is taking place as you are reaching for that cookie or that bag of chips. Ask yourself – Am I hungry or am I feeling?

If you are truly hungry and you are within that 2 to 3-hour window, the next question might be “Will this nourish my body?” If the answer is yes, then enjoy!

If the answer is no, then choose one of your yummy Livea meals that are made to sustain and fuel your body. If you tend to desire sweets, be sure to have your favorite Livea sweet bars or shakes on hand. If you love salty, Livea has many amazing salty options.  So we promise you, you can still enjoy food and be kind to your body!

If the answer to the questions is “I am Feeling”, now is a great time to examine what is taking place in your life. Are you feeling sad? Bored? Anxious? Tired? Or maybe you are happy, excited, proud!

Whatever the feeling, it is important to identify what might be drawing you to the food that is not so nourishing.  Once you identify that you might be “feeling” instead of “hungry” it is time to find an alternative activity to enjoy, even if just for five minutes. I suggest making a list ahead of time of things that you enjoy and then you have that available as you redirect your actions.

Some great ideas are:

  • Be creative – do you love to craft or paint furniture or write? Take a few minutes to do whatever creative activity you enjoy!
  • Work on your hobby or start a new one!
  • Move – take a quick walk or bike ride around the block. If you cannot get outside how about jogging in place or doing a few pushups. Anything to remind you that you are taking care of and loving your body.
  • Phone a friend! If you are in any kind of isolation you need to keep contact with those you love. Give someone a call or do a Facetime visit to bring some sunshine into your day. (Challenge: Do not talk about the world issues at hand!)
  • Gather your family members that are in your house and do an activity together – puzzle, cook a healthy meal, play a board game.
  • Watch your favorite movie or test out a new one.
  • Read a book.
  • Do a short breathing exercise or meditation.
  • Take a bubble bath….

And the list goes on! I am sure you have some great ideas of your own as well! I am confident that when you begin to dialog with yourself you will become more and more aware of the things that drive you to pick up that not so nourishing food which in turn will help you in redirecting yourself to something more nourishing. You can find more information on this along with some reflective questions in our Livea Guide on page 66!