By Liz Lemke, MPH, Livea’s Rochester Team

Accountability is an important part of your weight loss journey. During these unprecedented times, however, we can’t simply meet face-to-face to ensure you’re staying active at home and sticking to your diet plan! While we’re quarantining at home, we need to ask ourselves how we can stay accountable and achieve our weight loss goals. To help you create a plan that fits your schedule and helps you stay on target, use our expert tips as a guide.

Tips for Keeping a Healthy Diet at Home

Keep Track

Using an app or a paper journal to track your calorie intake is a great way to keep yourself accountable! Having to write down everything you eat can help force you to be more mindful about the types of foods you’re eating and quickly spot problem areas.

Weigh In

It can be tempting not to weigh in if you’ve had a challenging week, but without that reality check, it’s easy to make excuses or ignore what’s happening to your body. And just think, if you get back on track and have a great week, don’t you want to know exactly how much you lost?

Give Yourself a Checklist or Block Things Off in Your Calendar

If you’re struggling with healthy habits that range from getting in your daily water or exercise to taking time to meal prep, giving yourself a to-do list or scheduling a specific block of time might make all the difference! It’s a way to keep yourself organized, and you get the satisfaction of crossing items off your list each day. And with a list or a reminder in your calendar, you can’t just forget to follow through.

Find a Buddy or Support Person

Having a hard time sticking to an at-home exercise routine? Make a plan with a friend or family member to check in with each other each day about your workouts. Another idea is to schedule a nice chat over the phone while you walk or bike!

  • Having trouble with portion control? Ask your partner to serve your food and stick to a reasonable portion size, so you can’t be tempted to overserve yourself. The people who care about you want to see you succeed in achieving your goals and will be happy to help you if you ask!

Use Physical Reminders

If we don’t keep ourselves accountable, it’s easy to choose not to think about the consequences of our actions, and we end up putting our goals on the backburner. However, physical reminders of our goals can really help with dieting during quarantine:

  • Is there a specific outfit you’d like to fit into again? Hang it where you can’t miss it in your closet, so you won’t forget about it.
  • Snacking from boredom? Stick a post-it note on the fridge reminding yourself that this won’t help you lose those pounds. Be sure to rearrange the contents in your fridge so that your healthier snacks are always up front, too.
  • Working from home but forgetting to eat your Livea meals? Set them out by your workstation, so you see them throughout the day.

Try a Virtual Visit

You probably know by now that talking on the phone isn’t quite the same as meeting face-to-face. So, why not try out the closest thing to a face-to-face visit to give yourself that extra accountability? Even if you’ve never used Zoom before we promise it’s easy to learn. Our consultants will be happy to help walk you through installing it and show you how to schedule your virtual consultations, so you feel comfortable and confident using it to meet with your Livea family when it’s convenient for you! Get started today!

Live Well and Live Confidently

We hope these tips help you stay on track with your weight loss goals, even while you’re stuck at home. For additional support, call 855-GoLivea! We’re here to support you throughout your weight loss journey and help you stick to a healthy diet at home.