I Made a Commitment to Myself

Stephanie from Mankato
LOST 55lbs

After standing at the edge of the cliff looking down, I decided to back up, get a running start and jump over to the other side. That was in September 2019. It was when I made the decision to step out of the rut I was in and make a commitment to myself and to my health.

That is when I decided to join Livea.

On September 3, 2019, feeling fat, tired and full of low self- esteem, I met with a Livea coach and filled out my day one reflections in the workbook. I was almost 220 pounds (6 months prior to joining, I lost 10 pounds on my own to prove to myself I could lose weight). I left feeling hopeful.

Growing up I was never “chubby” but I was always a little bigger than my friends. I found comfort in food when I was feeling sad, happy, bored, mad, or any other emotion I may have been feeling. My youth and somewhat active lifestyle made me feel like I could consume whatever I wanted and it would not matter. As I got older, I realized that it does matter.

A Marriage, divorce, being a single mom, remarriage, blended families, job change – lots of life changes and life stressors
– gave me the opportunity to lean on my old friends. Many probably know them; chips, ice cream, pastries. Oh, how they made everything better.

Everything except my body. I saw increasing cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and of course, weight. I knew I did not feel good and I definitely knew I did not look good.

I chose Livea because I knew they could give me what I needed. It was what I wrote on my day one reflections. Accountability, encouragement and education. I got those three things on day one and I continue to receive them from my coaches today.

With the help of my Livea coaches, I have been successful. Success does not mean perfection. This has been an important part of my education. Throughout the weight loss and balance phases I would have bad days and really bad days. My coaches talked me through that, telling me not to beat myself up about it. They reminded me I am human and sometimes it is OK to fall down because I KNOW how to get back up.

My weight loss journey with Livea has been incredible. I set out to lose around 45 pounds and when I reached the beginning of the lifestyle phase I was 10 pounds under my goal. My journey, however, is not about what I lost. It is about what I have gained. I now have the three things I get set out to get – accountability, education, and encouragement.

The weekly weigh-ins and meetings are so important to me and keep me motivated. It is a time when I can talk about falling down and hearing the words to help me back up.

One of the last things I wrote on my day one reflection page was that I am doing this for me and I am not looking back. I am my motivation and when I look back at 220 me, I know I will not return to that person.

No matter where you are in your journey, remember your motivation, your why. Remember that you are human and you do not need to be perfect in your journey in order to succeed.