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It goes without saying, but drinking enough water is an essential part of your daily nutrition. Some experts recommend about 15 cups of water per day for men and 11 cups a day for women. This includes consuming certain foods that also contain water, such as watermelon, cucumbers, apples, and tomatoes. However, the recommended amount for each individual will vary, as you may exercise more often than others—requiring more water intake—or live in a warmer climate—where you sweat more. 

Though the amount of water you drink may vary, depending on your age and weight, one thing is for certain. Water helps nourish the body and provides many health benefits.

10 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water

  1. Regular bowel movements – water helps with digestion and keeps our bowels moving in the right direction
  2. Healthy skin – H20 moisturizes skin from within and decreases wrinkles
  3. Flushes out toxins – urination and sweating after drinking water helps rid our body of waste, preventing kidney stones and UTIs
  4. Immune system booster – drinking water keeps our eyes and mouth moist to repel infection
  5. Headache prevention – did you know that dehydration is the leading cause of headaches? Skip the pain reliever and grab a glass of water instead.
  6. Increases our energy – keeping the brain hydrated helps us to think, focus, and concentrate. 
  7. Joint lubricant – water helps keep our joints moving smoothly and muscles fluid
  8. Mood booster – water is required for the brain and body to produce the right neurotransmitters to prevent depression and insomnia
  9. Keeps us cool – water is required so that we can sweat to cool our bodies on those hot summer days
  10. Aids in weight loss — as fat breaks down, the body requires increased fluids to help flush the waste from your body 

Okay, so now you know the health benefits of drinking water, but let’s get back to our original question:

How Much Water Should You Drink? 

The general rule of thumb is 64oz, but as we noted above, this number can increase depending on who you talk to.  The best number to shoot for is half your body weight in ounces. So, if I weigh 155 lbs, half my weight would be 77.5 lbs. Next, convert that to ounces, and what I’m left with is 9.6 cups of water a day.

What If I Don’t Want to Drink More Water?

Not everyone craves a tall, cold glass of H20. But getting enough water intake each day will help you achieve the health benefits listed above, as well as assist your weight-loss journey. There are a few tricks to help you increase your daily intake.

Best Hydration Tips

  • Try drinking a 8oz glass of water during each meal. It’s proven that water can help you feel fuller longer, so you don’t overeat.
  • Drink a glass of water while you are waiting for your coffee or tea to brew. 
  • Always have a glass (or bottle) of water with you. 
  • Set an alarm, if need be, a couple times a day to remind you to drink water.  
  • Fill a pitcher of the recommended amount of water you need to drink each day. Throughout the day, fill your glass and drink. Your goal is to finish the entire pitcher by the end of the day.
  • Make a friendly competition between loved ones to see who can get their recommended amount of water each week. Winner gets a prize!

Need Something to Drink with More Flavor?

If you think water tastes too bland, we get it! But guess what? There are plenty of ways to add flavor and a twist of deliciousness to give your water an extra flavor boost. Try infusing your water with fruits, veggies, or herbs! Here are some fun ideas of infused water that we promise you’ll love: 

  • Summer Squeeze – Ingredients: Strawberry, Lemon, Mint
  • Ginger Rush – Ingredients: Lemon, Mint, Ginger, Cucumber
  • Fresh Raspberry Rumble – Ingredients: Lemon, Raspberry, Mint
  • Cool-Off Crusher – Ingredients: Cucumber, Lemon

Stay Hydrated with More Tips from Livea

Looking for more hydration ideas or wellness tips? Stay connected to our blog for more articles and resources to aid your weight-loss journey. If you’d like to learn more about getting started with Livea and how we can design a custom meal plan for you and your weight-loss goals, contact us today at 1-855-465-4832 for a free consultation!


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