How to Stop Late-Night Snacking

By: Alicia Hansen, St. Cloud Livea
BS-Nutritional Sciences-Dietetics
Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Sports Nutritionist

“Why am I snacking and how can I stop this!?”

Okay, so you had that nutritious dinner you worked so hard to plan, but ten minutes later you’re reaching for snacks in the cupboard. After-dinner snacking can easily turn into a habit which can be difficult to break. Eating late at night not only leads to unwanted pounds, but other consequences like poor digestion, trouble sleeping, and even cognitive impairment to our brain.

So why do we do it? There could be many factors as to “why” we are reaching for food after we just ate. The common excuse is that we are still hungry, but often it’s considered a false hunger. What if instead of reaching for that refrigerator door, we take just a moment to ask ourselves, “Am I really hungry?” Keeping a journal about what you are doing and how you are feeling when you reach for a snack could help determine why you want to snack. For example, you may notice that every time you sit on the couch you want to eat something. A helpful tip would be to change that activity. So instead of sitting on your couch to watch your evening show, try stre