Navigating Easter and Lent

By Molly K., B.S Kinesiology, Lifestyle Consultant, Coon Rapids 

While holidays can be a joyous time to spend with family and loved ones and honor important traditions, they can also disrupt your routine and make it difficult to stick to plan. Easter and Lent are no exception, with brunches – check out: Livea Navigating Brunch, fish fries, and holiday candy on the shelves in stores and at home, this time of year can be challenging for those who are committed to losing weight. Here are some tips and tricks, as well as different ways of thinking about this holiday season, in order to help you stay on track with your goals.


This year, the observation of Lent begins on Wednesday, March 2nd and ends on Thursday, April 14. Traditionally, Lent is associated with giving up certain things as a sign of sacrifice and testing self-discipline (3). You may already be abstaining from these things while following your Livea plan, so it is an excellent time to add in some self-care activities! Volunteering, taking a break from social media, beginning a new healthy habit, or incorporating daily journaling, meditation, or prayer are all wonderful ways to honor this special time.

Fish Fry Fridays 

Fish Fry Fridays are a Midwestern staple during this time of year. Whenever possible, seek out a healthier option instead of deep-fried fish, such as broiling, grilling, pan searing, or steaming. If not available, discarding the breading off of fried fish can still provide a great source of protein without the excess carbohydrates and added fat in the coating. Gravitate towards the vegetable sides served at these events and if not available, focus on the protein and treat yourself to a delicious and nutritious green salad either before or after the event. Choosing a refreshing squeeze of lemon rather than tartar sauce is also an excellent and flavorful way to enhance your meal and remain on plan.

If you’re abstaining from eating meat on Fridays this season, it is the perfect time to expand your protein options! Take this opportunity to try out different fish options that provide essential fatty acids as well as being a lean source of protein. Don’t forget you can include seafood or meatless options as well! Be sure to consult your Livea coach for more on-plan meatless options and recipes.


Egg dyeing is a fun and festive way to honor the Easter holiday. Hard boiled eggs are an excellent source of protein and paired with a few servings of slice and serve vegetables make a perfect grab