Black Business Month

By: Madie P., Assistant Center Director, Woodbury

August is Black business month. The history behind Black Business Month started back in 2004, when Frederick E. Jordan, an engineering entrepreneur, and John Willian Templeton, the president and executive editor of the publishing company eAccess Corp, came together to start this event. Jordan and Templeton wanted to give focus and empower Black business owners all over the country, especially given the unique challenges that are faced by minority business owners.1 One way to observe this month is by supporting and encouraging African American owned businesses in the community.  In Minnesota, there is a directory that provides listings to access, promote and support black businesses all over the state. Wisconsin also has a directory where you can find over 600 businesses in all different industries.

Supporting black owned local businesses helps us take the important step that is needed towards achieving racial equity in the Twin Cities business landscape.2 Below are three businesses that provide healthy options to support your health goals while also supporting black businesses in the community.

Dawn2Dusk farm is an organic and sustainable family owned and operated vegetable farm that is in Cambridge, MN. Owners Moses and Lonah are working towards empowering emerging farmers of African descent both socially and economically. Their program, Kilimo Minnesota, was founded by and for Farmers of African descent and provides hands on training and support for sustainable, organic vegetable farming and the business skills needed in this industry. 3

You can purchase the organic, fresh vegetables from Dawn2Dusk farm. They are selling their delicious vegetables at Kingsfield, Fulton, and Mill City farmers Markets. You can also support their efforts to provide resources for their farmers by donating to their mission.                            Photo Credit:

The Dripping Root is Minnesota’s first and only black owned Juice bar. Catiesha Pierson started the business out of her home and quickly gained faithful supporters and popularity in the community. Since opening as a brick-and-mortar store in 2021, people have fallen in love with the positive atmosphere and healthy convenient options. All the juices on the menu are nutrient packed and made fresh daily for the best quality and taste. You can visit the Dripping Root at 4002 Minnehaha Ave Minneapolis, MN 55406.4

A great option to order when you visit would be the “Celery Drip Juice”. This juice is made 100% from celery. Celery is rich in minerals, electrolytes and vitamins A, K, and C.5

Photo credit:



Afro Deli and Grill is a restaurant that combines food, community, and culture. One of their core missions at Afro Deli is to bring the community together. They are involved in an effort to fight hunger and food insecurity in the Twin Cities area by distributing thousands of meals to those in need. In February of 2022, Afro Deli’s owner, Abdirahman Kahin, shipped out over 110,000 books to Somalia and Djibouti through “Books for Africa” which is a local nonprofit organization. 6

Afro Deli’s delicious and approachable menu offers a variety of classics and twists. Their dishes are inspired by a fusion of African, Mediterranean, and American cultures. All the dishes they offer are prepared halal and use fresh ingredients.                                                        Photo Credit:

The “AfroGreen House Salad” is a great refreshing option that contains a variety of delicious vegetables paired with a lemon dressing that would ensure you are getting your vegetable servings in for the day.

There are locations in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Their original location is located at 1810 Riverside Avenue Minneapolis, MN 5545. 7

In addition to shopping at these businesses, another way to show support is through reading about black entrepreneurship and its history. You can also get involved by sharing these businesses on social media platforms which helps raise awareness by spreading a wider reach of people.  Black businesses are essential to the people and communities they serve and operate in. Explore your local black owned businesses and spread the word to friends and family.

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