How would you like to remember your Thanksgiving?

By Stephanie B., Lead Lifestyle Consultant, Roseville

736 million pounds of turkey are consumed on Thanksgiving in America and over 50 million pumpkin pies. Everyone loves Thanksgiving because it is a time for gratefulness, comfort, reflection, and rest. Yet it is also the time of year that people congregate over food. There are many ways we can still make Thanksgiving fun and enjoyable without feeling as though our primary focus is on the food.

Start with Healthy Food


            You can make healthy and festive versions of traditional Thanksgiving foods. Many traditional recipes can be switched out for similar healthy-tasting items, that taste just as good with healthier ingredient swaps.  For starters, make a charcuterie board with on-plan foods like cheese, olives, dill pickles, and roasted red peppers. For the main course, try Vegetarian Cauliflower Stuffing piled inside a roasted kabocha squash for a show-stopping centerpiece. On the side, lighten up your Green Bean Casserole by using sweet and savory caramelized onions on top of steamed green beans instead of the usual french-fried onions and heavy sauce. Try using your usual spices and seasonings in Mashed Cauliflower as an alternative to regular potatoes. For dessert, end with a nice Caramel Apple Spread, or a Pumpkin Cheesecake, a delicious end to the evening. You can create an impressive spread with these healthier dishes.

Activities to enjoy away from the table.


What do you typically do on Thanksgiving? There are many different activities to enjoy that are centered away from food. If you are by yourself, enjoy a good book, a walk in the park, sit on a bench with hot tea and crisp air, or let someone know you are grateful for them by sending them a card or giving them a call. Get a jumpstart on cleaning and decorating to make your home a cozy space for the upcoming winter. Turn on a podcast or favorite movie to keep yourself entertained while you work. Volunteer at a local food pantry or community organization for holiday events. If you are with family and or friends this holiday, play football or other outdoor games. Or organize a game night with cards, board games, puzzles, or a “white elephant” gift game. Find a holiday craft to do with the family, for example, turkey paintings with the kids or grandkids or homemade wreaths for the Holidays. Being active by yourself or with others will keep your mind focused on the present and not what may or may not have ended up on your plate.

Create a Vision


Thanksgiving is the beginning of the Holiday Season and the start of the countdown to the New Year. It is an excellent time to be thankful for what we have accomplished and think about what you want to accomplish for the remainder of the year. Is there an outfit you want to wear to the next Holiday get-together or even New Years’? A bike path you want to tackle? A presentation at work where you would like to feel more confident? What would you like to accomplish by the next time the holiday season rolls around the corner?

By planning ahead this Thanksgiving, you are giving yourself a successful strategy for what you would like to happen this year. Include creative and flavorful food, have a fun activity planned, and set yourself up for success. Ask your consultant about setting up a plan for success and we can craft the perfect plan together.