What is Fad Dieting?

By Taylor E., RDN, LD

It’s only January, but the New Year is well underway! Like many ambitious Americans, you might be working on new resolutions already.

The most popular types of resolutions typically include finding a new workout routine, finishing a marathon, or in many cases, losing weight. This can be a never ending cycle for some.

In fact, at Livea, we’ve had many new members come to us because they felt stuck on repeat. They often ask us a similar question:

Why Can’t I Lose Weight No Matter What I Do?

As the old saying goes, weight loss is a journey, not a marathon. To be successful, it requires a different mindset. One that allows you to make conscious lifestyle choices that benefit your body’s nutritional needs for long-term impact!

One of the main reasons why many people struggle to achieve their ideal weight is because they’re caught up in fad dieting.

What Is Fad Dieting? 

Does this sound familiar: you “finally” find a diet that works. And because it’s so new, you have a renewed energy to follow it to a tee. And for a few weeks, you see those pesky pounds fall off. 

But then, either one of the two events happens next:

  1. Due to your work schedule, social life, and energy level at the end of the day, you realize that following such a strict regimen isn’t so manageable come Day #40.
  2. You hit an inevitable plateau—whenever you begin a new diet or exercise program, after a certain period of time, you’ll hit a plateau.

According to experts [1], there are several reasons for why this happens:

  • Your body adapts to the new program—thus preventing any further weight loss from taking place.
  • Your metabolism slows down as a result of rapid weight loss.

As we mentioned earlier, another reason for a plateau is you stop following your diet plan. 

We want to state here that a fad diet won’t set you up for future success. What we mean is: don’t blame yourself for giving up on something that was never meant to be performed long-term. Fad diets are designed for short, fast-action weight-loss—without ever taking into account your body’s nutritional needs [2]

Other diets that promise results may look credible on the surface, but underneath, they’re really just a fad, too. 

For example, a diet that suggests only eating at certain times of the day, or only specific foods, isn’t going to offer you a long-term solution. Though they may seem like great ways to lose weight quickly, once the diet has stopped, the weight is usually regained very quickly, and sometimes, more is put on as a result. 

How to Spot a Fad Diet

Because fad diets show up everywhere, we wanted to give you a few ways to help identify them, so you don’t waste time, energy, or money on another short-term solution that leaves you feeling frustrated.

Beware of diets that [3]

  • Have claims that sound too good to be true
  • Have a list of “good” or “bad” foods
  • State a quick fix solution
  • Include recommendations from studies that ignore differences among individuals or groups
  • Hype up particular foods vs. others 

The real issue with these types of diets is that they never focus on the educational pieces or lifestyle guidance you need to make mindful decisions about what you put on your plate, and how it will benefit your body. But with Livea, that is exactly what you’ll get!

Tired of Not Losing Weight No Matter What You Do?

Then it’s time to contact Livea for a free consultation. When you begin your weight-loss journey with Livea, you’ll have access to a realistic approach to weight loss—not to mention a dedicated team of Lifestyle Consultants and Registered Dietitians who are there to support you along the way. 

Our program provides weight-loss results that actually stick! And our mission is to empower our clients to understand the role that nutrition plays in weight loss success, using tools, guidance, and endless resources, so you always feel in control of your weight loss and management.

Education and behavior modification are the most important aspects of our program because we want you to hit your goal weight and help you create a lifestyle that promotes long-term success.  

Ready for Real Results? We can help! Become a member of our Livea family today. All you have to do is give us a call at 1-855-GoLivea (1-855-465-4832) and your journey will begin!


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