Celebrating Diversity Month 2024

By Madie P., Assistant Director, Roseville Livea Center

Celebrate Diversity Month, which was established in 2004 to respect and celebrate the diversity that exists all around us, is observed in April. The goal of this month’s celebration is to help people understand one another better by highlighting our differences and similarities (1). Celebrating diversity in dietetics and nutrition involves acknowledging and respecting the different cultures, beliefs, and practices related to food and nutrition. Here are some ways to celebrate diversity in the world of nutrition and dietetics:

Be Inclusive and Value Cultural Diversity: The cultural variations in eating habits and nutritional practices must be recognized and respected. Inclusiveness entails making everyone feel equally included and respected, regardless of their background. With nutrition, this comes in the form of a welcoming environment that promotes diversity in food preferences and nutrition knowledge developed by Livea’s team of professionals. Incorporating diverse food preferences and culinary techniques into our practice is something we value highly at Livea. At Livea, we provide on-going diversity and inclusivity training for our staff, as well as one-on-one nutrition support for our clients and a wide variety of recipes and meal plans to enhance our level of inclusivity.

Education: Learn about the different dietary traditions and practices that exist across different cultures and communities. This education can help you understand the cultural significance of certain foods and dietary practices and how they contribute to overall health and well-being. Your Livea team can also assist with providing education on the nutritional value of different foods from all around the world and their role in a healthy diet.

Participate in Cultural Events: You can start to establish cultural competence by learning about many cultures and their culinary customs by going to cultural events, food festivals, and other neighborhood gatherings. You will be better able to comprehend and value the variety of foods and nutritional needs as a result. A potluck-style lunch, for instance, would allow guests to share and try a wider variety of dishes. Engaging in community initiatives that promote food justice, access to healthy foods, and food education is another way to celebrate diversity in nutrition and promote healthier communities for all.

Incorporate Cultural Food Choices: While promoting healthy eating at Livea, we encourage our clients to include traditional foods in their diets. For instance, your Livea team can work with you to come up with delicious yet healthy ways to serve your favorite dishes or modify recipes to make them healthier. It is important to enjoy and cherish the range of flavors, textures, and nutritional advantages that various cuisines offer by incorporating foods from many cultures into our diets. Check out some of our cultural resources here. It’s also a fantastic chance to discover and educate ourselves on new customs, cultures, and traditions.

Overall, celebrating diversity and inclusivity requires an understanding and appreciation of different cultures. Embracing and appreciating the various cultures, philosophies, food traditions and eating habits are ways we can celebrate diversity in nutrition. By promoting inclusivity, cultural competence, and nutritional education, you can be sure your Livea team will embrace your unique dietary needs and preferences while still achieving your weight loss goal and developing long lasting healthy eating habits.

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