Root Beer Float on the Go!

Get ready to celebrate National Root Beer Day in style with our Root Beer Float on the Go! This delicious recipe is not only easy to make, but it's also a guilt-free indulgence thanks to Livea's Vanilla Shake-to-Go. Simply mix the shake with some diet root beer and enjoy for a refreshing treat anytime, anywhere. So why wait? Whether you're on the go or just looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, give our Root Beer Float on the Go! recipe a try and let us know what you think! #NationalRootBeerDay #LiveaRecipes #RecipeoftheWeek #RootBeerFloatontheGo #VanillaShaketoGo #HealthyEatingMadeEasy

  • To cook

    5 min
  • Servings

  • • 1 Livea Vanilla Cream Shake-To-Go
  • • 10 oz. Diet Root Beer


    1. Slowly pour diet root beer into the Livea Vanilla Cream Shake-To-Go bottle.
    2. Shake vigorously until shake powder has completely dissolved. Let sit for ~2 minutes before reopening to allow carbon-ation to settle.
    3. Enjoy!
  • Yield: 1 serving
    Per Serving: 1 Livea Meal

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