5 Tips for Success at U.S. Bank Stadium

1. Get Your Steps In

Rather than paying extra to park near the stadium, park further away and walk instead. Looking for other ways to get your steps in? Walk around the stadium, both inside and out! Take in the panoramic views, imaginative artwork, and impressive architecture U.S. Bank Stadium has to offer.

2. Eat Before You Go

Avoid arriving to the game on an empty stomach. Eat your Fresh & Lean or a Livea Meal beforehand so you won’t be as tempted by off-plan stadium food.

3. Stay Supported

While attending sporting events or other social events it is important to surround yourself with a positive support system. If possible, go to the game with someone that understands and encourages your health goals. Additionally, use your Livea team and other tools of support, such as the “U.S. Bank Stadium Healthy Options” guide, in order to make a game plan before you arrive.

4. Hydrate

Avoid high calorie beverages such as alcohol and sugary fountain drinks by choosing water or club soda instead. Water fountains and Pentair filtered water hydration stations are located throughout U.S. Bank Stadium near Sections 204, 215, 225, 312, 333, and 349.

5. Moderation Is Key

Many people look at weight loss and healthy living as a series of “do not’s”. Do not eat this, do not go off plan.  Instead, practice moderation and use these opportunities to improve unhealthy behaviors. If you choose to have an unhealthy food or beverage choice, try making small improvements. Behaviors such as sharing a portion with someone, removing the bun of a burger or sandwich, or ordering one drink rather than two, are all positive and effective steps in establishing a healthier lifestyle.

U.S. Bank Stadium Healthy Dining Options

612 Burger Kitchen (Section 143, 339)

Hamburger (Without Bun)

Andrew Zimmern’s Canteen (Section 121)

Lamb Sandwich (Without Bread)
½ or Whole Chicken (Without Skin)
Chicken Sandwich (Without Bun)
BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich (Without Bun)

Bud’s BBQ (Section 324)

Pulled Pork Sandwich (Without Bun)
Hand Carved Sandwiches (Without Bread)

Ike’s (Section 119, 329)

Hand Carved Sandwiches (Without Bread)

Revival (Section 111)

Grilled Chicken Sandwich (Without Bun)

North Star Grill (Sections 103, 124, 132, 304, 313, 328, 345)

Hamburger (Without Bun)
Veggie Burger (Without Bun)
Grilled Chicken Sandwich (Without Bun)

R Taco (Section 310)

Rusty Pork Taco

State Fair Favorites (Section 114)

Smoked Turkey Leg
Pork Chop on a Stick

The Stack (Section 310)

Turkey Sandwich (Without Bread)

Twin Cities Foodies (Section 101)

Chicken Meatballs

Wild & Fresh Market (Gluten-Free Options) (Sections 124, 318)

Fresh Salads