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Are you looking for a different approach to losing weight? At Livea’s Eau Claire weight loss center, our caring and committed consultants are here to give you the tools to reach your goals. Starting with a body composition test, we completely tailor the program to your unique needs, and that is only the beginning. With the help of registered dietitians, nutritionists, and our weight loss consultants, we provide you with on-going individualized support to ensure that you find your ultimate weight loss success, and maintain that success. Want more information about the Livea weight loss program in Eau Claire? Fill out the form below to request your free consultation!


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Customer Reviews


“Encouraging & helpful to keep up with my plan after several life changes during the holidays”


“We feel the weekly visits are helpful to keep us accountable and connected. The Livea products help keep us focused.”


“They are so awesome and explain how to keep on track in a very simple manner!”


“Always helpful and engaging. I appreciate the encouragement and the support.”


“My experience with Livea Weight control Center has been an excellent opportunity for me to get on the right track to lose weight with success and keep it off. The counselors there truly care about you and are great cheerleaders at helping you reach your goal“