Weight Management for Muscle Preservation

How does it work?

The Livea Complete Advantage program is designed for our clients who require a higher amount of calories to maintain satiety throughout the day.

Those who have high muscle mass burn calories at a faster rate and tend to store fewer calories as fat.

Because high muscle mass bodies process calories differently, Livea has created a weight loss plan based on body size and muscle mass. On the Livea Complete Advantage plan, you’ll receive the right balance of macronutrients to ensure that you maintain lean muscle mass while steadily losing weight.

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Each Livea weight loss plan is tailored to your unique needs.

With Livea Complete Advantage, you can look forward to these program components:

  • Meal plans designed just for you by our experts

  • 6 nutritionally balanced meals each day

  • Free access to the Livea App so that you can track your meals, water intake, and weight loss progress from your phone

  • Weekly blood pressure readings and one-on-one support with our experts

  • Access to monthly InBody body composition assessments and physical measurements

  • A digital library of recipes, educational content, and monthly exercise plans

  • Ongoing nutrition education and behavioral guidance

Everybody is different, and everybody loses weight differently.

That’s why our program is not “one size fits all”! If you are looking to lose weight and maintain lean muscle mass, call us today to learn if the Livea Complete Advantage plan is right for you!

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Having a Wonderful Experience with Livea

Livea has changed my life. I am 42 pounds down in 14 weeks. My sleep apnea is gone, I am breathing better, I am having a wonderful experience with Livea. I am so glad I made this life changing choice.

– Ron L.

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