Athletes and exercise enthusiasts know that your body needs the right fuel to function well through vigorous workouts.

How does it work?

The Livea Fit program is a weight loss plan designed specifically for those who take part in high-intensity exercise 5 or more days per week.

By discussing your specific workouts, including exercise zone, exertion level, and duration, the Livea experts can determine if the Livea Fit program is the best fit for your weight loss and health goals.

Our team of experts ensures you receive a nutritionally balanced meal plan to support your workout routine. By balancing your pre- and post-workout meals, you can optimize your calorie intake when your body needs it most while supporting your long-term weight loss goals.

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Every Livea weight loss plan is customized to your unique needs.

Livea Fit participants can look forward to these program components:

  • A meal plan designed just for you by our experts

  • 6 nutritionally balanced meals each day

  • Access to the Livea App on your phone to track your meals, water intake, and weight loss progress

  • A digital library of recipes, exercise plans, and educational content including webinars

  • Weekly one-on-one support with the Livea team

  • Weekly blood pressure readings

  • Access to monthly InBody body composition assessments and physical measurements

  • Ongoing nutrition education and behavioral training

Everybody is different, and everybody loses weight differently.

Our focus on safe, sustainable weight loss customized to meet your needs is what sets Livea apart from the competition. Call today to learn if the Livea Fit program is right for you!

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Get to an Optimal Weight and Perform at Your Best

The Livea Fit program was instrumental in my initial weight loss of over 35 lbs., and has continued to be an important source of information, camaraderie and accountability as I maintain my new weight! As part of my weight loss and fitness journey, the Livea consultants have stayed in tune with my fitness goals and have modified the nutrition plan, my daily caloric goals, and macro-nutrient strategy accordingly.

Regardless of your sport of choice, this program will help you get to an optimal weight and perform at your best. I continue to be impressed with the personal touch of the Livea Fit program and the Livea consultants.

– Neil, Woodbury MN

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