Navigating Brunch

From Easter to Mother’s Day, to a meal with friends or family, brunch can be a difficult meal to navigate. Not only do the food choices seem unlimited, but the time of day can really interrupt your eating schedule.

To keep temptation low, prepare yourself for brunch by planning your meals accordingly and making smart choices while ordering. Here are few tips to help you order with more confidence while staying on plan. You’ve got this!

To start exploring, simply move your cursor over the buffet!

Isn't brunch eggs-cellent? Choose an omelet or frittata over a quiche or strata to stay on plan.

Brunch buffet is filled with a large variety of sweet and savory options. Before heading to the buffet line, make a decision to eat sweet or savory for your meal. This will keep you from over indulging in other options.

Choose actual fruit instead of juice. Fruit is more filling, contains less sugar, and is packed with fiber.

When contemplating a pasty or baked good, look for whole- wheat / grain options. If none are available, an English muffin is your best option followed by a small croissant.

Choose a bran or oat muffin instead of blueberry, chocolate chip or lemon poppy seed.

Steel-cut oats or oatmeal is a much healthier choice than granola with yogurt. Add a dash of cinnamon or honey if available to add a bit of sweetness.

Fill your plate with fruit, greens (vegetables if available), and protein like eggs, before adding pastries or toast.