Restart FAQ2020-09-15T18:06:40-05:00

Have questions about restarting your Livea program?

I was a Medifast client years ago; how is Livea different?2020-09-15T16:47:27-05:00

The Livea program and Medifast program are similar in a number of ways however, Livea has made several enhancements.  We have added a number of educational resources, complimentary exercise classes, webinars and many more resources to ensure your success!  In addition, we have more delicious product offerings with over 90 different meals and snacks to choose from!  At Livea, you will receive a premier experience with private, one-on-one support with our educated and compassionate team. Livea team members consist of Registered Dietitians, Nutritionists, Certified Lifestyle Coaches, and many other health and wellness professionals. 

I need to lose 40 pounds and need Livea again! How much will it cost me to do the program again?2020-09-15T17:50:01-05:00

Whether you started the program with Medifast or Livea, your program will seamlessly resume at no re-investment in program costs, however products are sold separately.   Contact a Livea center closest to you to schedule your appointment and recommit to your health and wellness goals.  We’re here for you every step of the way!

I was a client a few years ago but did not finish my program. Do I still have my weeks I did not use available?2020-09-15T17:50:38-05:00

I was a client a few years ago but did not finish my program. Do I still have my weeks I did not use available?

I did the program last year but have a remaining balance. How much will it cost me to get started?2020-09-15T17:51:18-05:00

The investment you have made with Livea remains. We have very flexible payment arrangements for remaining balances. Livea makes it easy to focus on your health and wellness goals!

I would like to get restarted with Livea, but I am wondering if you are taking appointments with Covid-19?2020-09-15T17:55:27-05:00

Yes! We have been supporting our clients during Covid-19! Our clients have been enjoying weekly support via virtual ZOOM or phone, and we also offer in center visits by appointment only. We have several safety measures in place to keep our clients and staff safe, such as masks, an air filtration system, social distancing, sneeze guards, employee temperature checks and of course continual sanitation. We also offer contactless product pickup and can ship product directly to your home.

I was a client with Medifast years ago and want to purchase products. Can I purchase Livea products?2020-09-15T17:56:33-05:00

Yes! As a previous Medifast client you can purchase Livea food. Contact your closest Livea center, place your order for contactless pick up or complimentary shipping on qualified purchases that can be sent directly to your home!