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At Livea’s Roseville weight loss center, we approach weight loss differently. Instead of providing you with a pill or a point system, we take a step back and truly make this journey about you and your goals. Our weight loss program in Roseville is not one-size-fits-all; instead, we look at your body composition, and your ideal weight, and craft a personalized program just for you. Then, we go a step further, providing you with on-going one-on-one support and access to registered dietitians and nutritionists, in addition to our dedicated weight loss consultants. Because of these resources, we are able to help you stay motivated, keep you accountable throughout the process, and teach you the habits to keep the weight off. Are you ready to find your weight loss success? Request an appointment for a free consultation below!


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“Fantastic work–everyone is very professional and I love the place!”


“The staff are great, the food is good and I’m learning so much!”


“It is always a positive and motivating meeting.”


“Awesome! Helpful! Supportive! Professional and personable!”


“Surprised at how much I enjoyed the first week…I always dreaded doing something like this, and now that I started I don’t know why.”