Eating Healthy at the Minnesota State Fair

The Minnesota State Fair has been an end-of-summer hallmark for Minnesotans and Midwesterners for more than 150 years! The Minnesota State Fair is 12 days of fun, entertainment, activity, and (most notably) food. And, the great news is that you can fully enjoy the state fair, including many of the delicious food options, without overindulging!

If you do enjoy some Minnesota State Fair food, consider splitting a serving with a friend or walking an extra loop through the fairgrounds before heading home. Also, be sure to stay well hydrated – the Minnesota State Fair is notoriously hot! Bring a few Livea Flavor Infusers to up the flavor!

We’ve created this handy map of Minnesota State Fair 2023 healthy food choices to help you find the healthier options of fair foods. 

Bayou Bob's

Frozen Grapes
Cajun Seasoned alligator sausage on a stick

Café Caribe

Chicken breast sandwich plain grilled w/o the bun
Cajun peel-n-eat shrimp

Carousel BBQ

Roasted Turkey (w/o the skin)
Grilled pork chop on a stick

Charcoal Hut

Charcoal-broiled Turkey Leg (w/o the skin)

Cloud Forest Coffee

Hot Tea


Omelets (cheese/onions/peppers)
Chef salad

Demetri’s Greek Food

Greek salad
Garden salad
Shish Kabobs

El Sol Mexican Foods

Taco Salad w/o the shell/chips

Fish & Chips Seafood Shoppe

Grilled shrimp on a stick
Scallops on a stick
Salmon on a stick

Frontier Bar

Hamburger/Cheeseburger w/o the bun

Giggles Campfire Grill

Elk Burger w/o the bun
Salmon on a stick
Walleye sandwich w/o the bun
North Woods salad on a stick

Gyro’s by G&G Concessions

Chicken w/o the pita

Hansen’s Amusement Foods

Omelet w/ ham & cheese
Hamburger/Cheeseburger w/o the bun
Grilled chicken breast

Holy Land

Lamb or Beef kabob on a stick
Gyro on a stick
Lamb T-bone Chops

iJerky Guys

Pre-packaged all natural jerky

Josef Abel Meats

Beef Jerky
Turkey Jerky
Beef Sticks

Juanita’s Fajitas

Chicken/Steak/Vegetable/Seasoned Pork Fajitas w/o the shells

Lulu’s Public House

Walleye tacos w/o the shell
Cajun Bites (beef tenderloin or chicken breast) w/o the sauce

Mancini’s Al Fresco

Italian Sausage on a stick stuffed w/ roasted onions/peppers

Mickey’s Grill & Kabobs

Grilled Kabobs (Beef, Chicken, Pork) w/o the tortilla
Hickory-smoked turkey legs w/o the skin

Midway Grill

Hamburger/Cheeseburger w/o the bun
Dill Pickles


Steak or Chicken Breast kabobs


Steak or Chicken Breast kabobs

Pork Chops & Chicken

Pork Chop on a stick
Chicken Breast on a stick

Produce Exchange

Fresh/grilled peaches
Tropical Fruits
Seasonal Fruits
Fresh-cut Fruits
Fruit Bowls
Fruit & Vegetable Snacks

Ragin Cajun

Blackened pork chop
Shrimp on a stick
Beef on a stick
Cajun steak on a stick
Chicken on a stick